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Trust me Dawls, I know packing for a vacation can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you are getting ready for Spring Break with the family or preparing for a big summer trip, here are my three must have vacation essentials that I never leave home without!

1. Primer with SPF Protection (At Least 30SPF)

I like to take a primer with SPF along with me on every vacation I go on. Protecting your skin from the sun, especially the skin on your face, is essential on every vacation! Applying primer is also important for the adventurous days where you will be wearing makeup for a pro-longed amount of time. It creates a smooth canvas for your makeup and also works as a film to keep your makeup on all day!  For my no makeup days, I still apply the primer all over my face for the SPF protection. Using an oil-free primer with SPF will also help reduce the appearance of oil on your face, which is definitely a good thing if you have oily skin.

Make sure to always protect your face with at least 30SPF as it can reduce premature wrinkling, sun spots, and essentially protect you from damaging your skin from UV rays.

vacation essentials

2. Stylish, Yet Inexpensive, Sunglasses

Sunglasses should be a vacation essential for every Dawl, but hold back on bringing your favorite pair! Buy an inexpensive pair of stylish shades for your vacation to ease the fear of losing or damaging them.

Here are my designated vacation, or should I say Dawlcation, sunglasses that I purchased on Amazon. They are comparable dupes to some of Dior’s sunglasses!

vacation essentials


3. Fun Bathing Suit Cover-Up 

Don’t forget to pack something you are able to throw on when heading to the pool or beach during your vacation. This is one of my vacation essentials when I am traveling to a destination where I know I will be spending most of time by the water. I take Shawl Dawls’ Sheer Shawl for a bathing suit cover up because it helps me stay comfortable and covered whether I am walking to the pool, walking by the pier, or even just laying out in the sun. One of my favorites is the Cabana Sheer Shawl that goes well with all my solid colored swimsuits. Throwing it on is a fun and easy way to stay covered and stylish for a day by the beach or pool. Another reason why this is my essential traveling item is because I can throw on the Sheer Shawl as an accessory for later on in the day. The print design is a great complimenting piece, especially when I am looking for a pop of color to add to my outfit.


Hope these few tips help you prepare for your Dawlcation! Let us know your ultimate vacation essentials, and what you’re planning this spring break!