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Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, so it’s time to turnover our jackets and thick cardigans, for some sheer! Why throw on an outfit over your bathing suit when you can just throw on a cover up and show off your favorite swimwear? We love our sheer shawl because not only do we wear the shawl as a cover up, but we wear it out on the town – day or night!


If you follow the DawlHouse on social media, you saw that some of us recently went to Miami for a retail show. So for the Baby Dawls that had to stay in the office, we took it upon ourselves to do some Fun in the Sun activities in Los Angeles!

I love the black sheer shawl because I pictured myself wearing it to work. The shawl is so light weight and I can throw it over a simple outfit to add a very trendy, fashionable, and effortless touch. This past weekend I put my black sheer shawl to use for another purpose, which was laying out poolside with my boyfriend and his family. Not only was the sheer shawl comfortable and brought out my bright blue bathing suit, but it was appropriate for when we were sitting pool side playing with the kids.

Our sheer shawl is just as versatile as our long shawl. Here’s a style guide to get a better look of how versatile this piece is:

Our sheer shawl comes in many different colors and patterns perfect for any season. I plan on taking my black sheer shawl with me when I go to Opening Day for the horse races in Del Mar which is in San Diego, Ca. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing my sheer shawl styled as a vest over a nice midi summer dress. Remember versatility is the key to ease the stress from packing and also keeping your luggage light.

Check out our online store and see all the patterns/colors we have to offer for your summer plans!

Happy Styling, Dawl Face!