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Introducing our Dawl of the month of September, Nakhia Hill, who is one spontaneous woman that not only dresses to impress, but also wants to inspire other women in a positive way!

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See how lovely and stylish she is while not losing her personality in this shawl!

What she is wearing is one of our slit-back shawls, and the color is mustard that makes her stand out so much and matches with her bikinis underneath! Great styling skills, Nakhia!

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What she loves about this shawl is that when the wind blows, it is all airy, and the drape is perfect! Nakhia styles our shawls mostly in lengths and depending on what part of her body she is accentuating.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.25.26 AM

Other times, just having them dangling around the shoulders on weekends is fine.

Most importantly, Nakhia wants you to join the club of shawls and get compliments by both men and women wherever you go!

New colors of our slit-backs are also available in: