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Flying back to earlier this year, during Rihanna’s performance at the music festival named Coachella in Southern California, the world famous singer was wearing a fringe jacket. Thus, the fashion statement is made clearly there: the fringe has to go the boldest and the longest ever in the fashion history this year!


Back to present, Elisabetta Franchi debuts its identity fringe mini dress on its runway this fall that quickly goes viral on the internet of every fashion blog and insanely popular for celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan.


Famous designer for gowns like Elie Saab also steps on the route to celebrate fringe with many others. The long black gown with fringe details indeed glorifies the trend.


Looking at this black and white long fringe dress by Edun on the runway, there are even fringe on the sandals!


Another lavish fringe blazer and trousers from Zimmerman this fall.


Bright and bold colors and style of fringe on Solange Knowles.

Bella Hadid

More crazy long black fringe gown on model Bella Hadid.

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