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Who is ready for spring cleaning season? Closet cleaning is always the toughest, but before giving away or donating the clothes you do not use anymore – create a capsule wardrobe that works for your style!

What is a capsule wardrobe? In a nut shell, it’s a wardrobe that has essential and versatile pieces. Capsule wardrobe became very popular especially after the new year rolled around. Fashion bloggers and Youtubers started to show their ways of minimizing their wardrobe, but maximizing their quality of clothing.

Don’t know where to start with your capsule wardrobe? We chose the long shawl as our beginning piece for our capsule wardrobe. Versatility is key. The long shawl can be styled to fit appropriately to different climates and occasions. What makes the long shawl essential in my wardrobe is it’s an easy “go-to” piece. I can throw on the long shawl with any outfit whether it is casual or dressy since it can be worn in many completely different styles. It takes me about 30 minutes to get ready for my 12+ hour days. Having a capsule wardrobe takes a lot of the guess work out of getting ready and gives me more sleep time. (We could always use more sleep time!) I have enjoyed my transition from my capsule wardrobe so far because I have invested money in pieces that had the quality to last me through multiple months and also it has saved me time when getting ready. I am no longer searching through a heap of clothes, but now just changing and switching up pieces of clothing from my capsule wardrobe.


Our long shawl can be styled more than 15 ways! Here are my top 3 ways I like to style my long shawl.
Cap sleeve: This is my favorite and most popular style! I love to wear my long shawl this way because I can simply wear leggings and a top and as soon as I throw my long shawl in this style, it instantly changes my outfit to an effortless look that only took me about 5 minutes or less to change into.
Short Vest: The short vest style is what I gravitate to during the day. Sometimes I may start my days in the morning, which tends to be chillier and by the afternoon, the sun is out and I am out running errands. I easily style my long shawl to the short vest to still allow me to comfortably be covered, but also give me the freedom to still be out and about while staying cool. (To obtain this looks simply grab the bottom of the arm-holes of your long shawl instead of the top and voila! it’s now short!)
Long tunic: I gravitate to this style for my more dressier occasions where I still want to be stylish. My favorite part about this style is that the cowl neck can turn into a hood, which I use to protect my hair from flying everywhere and getting messed up.

Why should you try capsule wardrobing?

  • Space-friendly: Downsizing your closet space will allow more storage for other things.
  • Eco-friendly: Reusing and investing in good quality clothes reduces frequent laundry. I went from washing clothes two times a week to now once a week because I am able to interchange outfits within each other which eliminated my hamper becoming full much more frequently. By eliminating frequent washing, we are also saving water! I mean… who really likes doing laundry multiple times a week anyway? (It’s really the folding that gets me!)


I hope you find this new idea useful. Let us know if you tried making your own capsule wardrobe by commenting on our social media or even tagging us in a picture of your own capsule wardrobe you’ve created! We would love to see your spin on this new trend! Remember versatility is key. Check out our product line to get a jumpstart on your capsule wardrobe!

Happy Styling, Dawls!