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Continuing to celebrate you, our Dawls!! For the month of May we have the wondrous Valerie as our ‘Dawl of the Month’ Valerie is an enthusiastic, energy filled, mother of 4 who knows what it means to be comfortably elegant. Take a peek into who Valerie is and the Dawl life she loves to live!


When asked what her favorite Shawl is Valerie couldn’t pick just one! She talked about how she loves all the Shawls and that any way she styles it becomes one of her favorites. Valerie is an excellently styled Dawl who knows how to turn any piece into an eye-catching outfit.

Valerie is a big traveler and loves to wear Shawls while travelling, especially at the airport! She’ll layer on her Shawls to make getting through TSA a breeze. The Sheer Shawl as a scarf, a Short Shawl as a closed vest to be her top, and a Fleece or Long Shawl as a jacket. It’s a great way to complete your style and end up with a great variety of outfits when you reach your destination!

Valerie describes her personal style as innovative, “I love that my Shawls can take me to any venue no matter how Upscale or Casual the event may be and still makes me feel sophisticated and comfortable.” Valerie wears many different hats in her professional life, and with confidence has been able to incorporate a Shawl into each area. Whether she’s ministering to thousands of people, attending an awards ceremony, or going off to the gym to workout Valerie says “My Shawl Works for Me.”

Valerie loves to be as creative and dynamic as possible when styling her Shawl Dawls, so that someone will ask “Who or What are you wearing?” Her go to style is the duo-layer look. This is so that midway through the day she can end up with a totally different look!