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Planning a weekend getaway any time soon? San Diego, California is a great pick. Whether you are you are traveling with family or with someone special, we recommend this beautiful city. Opening Day for Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is coming up, which gives everyone a reason to head to San Diego.


Opening day at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is on July 15, 2016

What to wear?

Our DawlHouse pick is the sheer shawl. We love the sheer shawl because it is a perfect versatile piece for the summer. Dress the shawl up or down and look effortlessly chic with guaranteed comfort all day. No need to pack heavy, you can even stick this shawl in your purse to save some space in your luggage and eliminate the hassle of packing multiple cardigans. Remember you can wear our shawls in 15+ different ways

Left: Our model is wearing the sheer shawl in Nautical Stripe. Click HERE to purchase.

Right: DERBY PICK! Our model is wearing the sheer shawl in Prismatic Sheer and our Cardi-Top in Ribbed Sky Blue. Click HERE to purchase.

IMG_0026 IMG_0275

Versatility – Dress it up or down & style up to 15+ ways

Pack light – Whether you stick this in your luggage or purse, this light weight fabric will save you space when traveling

Beat the heat – Light weight fabric allows you to stay cool, while covering up appropriately

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