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Adult coloring books have skyrocketed in popularity in the past year and have made their way into every major retail store and bookshop. They come in a variety of themes and the designs within are far more detailed than any children’s coloring book. The pretty designs are not the only reason you should be picking one up during your next shopping trip though! We’re here to tell you how adult coloring books could replace your weekly yoga class and help keep your stress levels down.

So besides coloring being fun, what are the benefits?

Have you passed by a table full of adult coloring books and smiled, thinking of all the times you would color when you were a child? Just the reminiscing you’ll do when you purchase that coloring book and begin to color in it will be enough to make you feel happier and more at ease.

Besides the pros of being reminded of when times were simpler, coloring actually forces your brain to become more focused. This type of focus is similar to the kind involved in meditation or when you’re attempting to pull a Firefly Pose during yoga without falling on your face.

Coloring could also help you sleep better at night. We all know that glueing are eyes to our laptop, television, and cell phone screens are no good if we’re trying to get a good night’s rest. It’s the blue light emitted from electronic screens that will disrupt your sleeping habits at night. Replace your cell phone with a coloring book an hour or even thirty minutes before bed and see how your quality of sleep improves!

Have anxiety? In a study conducted by Nancy Curry and Tim Kasser, 84 college students were asked to color different Mandalas. The study found that coloring of a complex geometric pattern induced a meditative state that benefited those suffering from anxiety. (source)

These are just a few ways that coloring could benefit your mental health and your overall happiness. Pick up a coloring book today with a theme you’ll enjoy. You can find some filled with animals or images from your favorite television series or movie. Take some time every day to color in a page and you’ll feel your stress levels lower. You’ll be getting better sleep and having better days- all with the help of some color pencils and a coloring book.