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LA Fashion Week has come and gone, and some are still abuzz with the designs that graced the runway. The event provides the chance for both established and aspiring designers to showcase their work. This mix promises audiences runway shows that are not only exciting but refreshing as well. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite designers from this year’s LA Fashion Week. Hope you enjoy their stunning designs as much as we do!


Rocky Gathercole

A renowned designer who began in the Philippines, Rocky Gathercole’s golden designs took over the runway at this year’s show. His work has been called provocative, eclectic, and artistic- all proven through the structure and detail of his designs. He currently runs his own atelier in the Philippines.

Mimi Tran

Vietnamese designer Mimi Tran began her career only three years ago. She has an uncommon background when compared to most designers, as she holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in International Business Management. She is simply proof that you do not need to go to design school to become a fashion designer. Her designs are tributes to modern glamour and strive to empower femininity.


Adolfo Sanchez

Born and raised in southern California, Adolfo Sanchez has been involved in the world of fashion since he was 19 years old. His designs in LAFW featured pinks and purples, proving to us that pairing these two colors together can actually be sexy. He then switched up the show at LA Fashion Week from pretty in pink to bold and powerful in black.


Walter Mendez

LA based designer Walter Mendez proves that he is a force not to be reckoned with at this year’s LA Fashion Week. His designs strive to make the female body appear striking, stunning, and eye-catching. The designs that graced the stage did just that while also holding an air of royalty to them.


There were so many other designers who showcased this year at LA Fashion Week, but we wanted to just talk about a few of our favorites. Who was your favorite at this year’s show? Did any of you Dawls find a designer inspiring? Let us know!