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Mother’s Day is coming up and sometimes preparation for this day may get a bit overwhelming. There is no gift that is equivalent to the appreciation we have for the mothers in our life, but it is always nice to make our mothers feel extra special on this day. Here are a few things the DawlHouse is planning for Mother’s Day.

Roshena’s & Tiffany’s Pick – Picnic at the Park

Roshena and Tiffany are the soccer players at the DawlHouse. Shawl Dawls is based in Los Angeles, California so we usually get breezy California weather during this season. A picnic at the park is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors and some quality time with the family. Bring a few snacks to the park and play a game of soccer, tennis, basketball, or for the families with little ones – have some fun at the playground. Some parks actually provide a barbecue pit so even start up a barbecue and enjoy some amazing food and good company at the park.


Brandon’s Pick – Lay Out on the Beach & Enjoy Music on the Pier

Brandon loves going to Santa Monica on the weekends. If your weather is similar to ours’ spending a day at the beach is perfect! The great part about the beach is there are usually a whole bunch of activities to do whether your family loves to be out in the water or walk the pier and enjoy the talent and wonderful food the pier has to offer!


Cheryl’s Pick – Shopping Day

Cheryl is known to be the shopper of the DawlHouse. When traveling to different places for trade shows, stopping by Nike is a must for Cheryl. Cheryl’s idea on a fun Mother’s Day is going out for the day to your favorite shopping center and eating somewhere delicious for lunch! If going out to shop is too much, relax at home and online shop! is open 24/7 and you know what the best part is? We are launching a Mother’s Day sale! Spend $100 and receive a FREE necklace set (retails for $24-$29) or spend $150 receive a FREE necklace set and a square shawl (retails for $68) with your purchase. Treat yourself and your mother! The more you spend the more you receive!

Mother’s Day is always a great way to spend some time with the mothers in our life and family in general. Enjoy our Mother’s Day sale from Monday-Wedneday & most importantly Happy Mother’s Day from the DawlHouse! Comment on the shawls your buying with our sale! Happy Shopping, Dawls!