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Dessiree is a woman in her prime! Now that her kids are all grown up she has time to relax and play with the grandchildren. She loves wearing Shawl Dawls because as a grandmother of 8 and mother of 6 she keeps herself pretty busy among all the trips to Vegas with her husband, and going to get massages to relax from all the stress. Throwing fun pool-party barbecues at the house is a great love that Dessiree holds dear, and she loves using her Shawl Dawls as a fun cute cover up!


Dessiree’s favorite shawl is the Slitback. She loves that it’s elegant with a touch of daring. She throws her Shawl Dawls shawl on anytime she needs a quick “dress me up.” Constantly going to family and friend events Dessiree likes to make sure she looks good and makes an impact. Her overall style is pretty casual with a hint of spice (explains the slitback.) The style she mostly chooses is a cinched jacket look. By placing the long on like a jacket and adding a belt you can achieve this look too! What she loves the most about being a Dawl is all of the compliments she gets when she’s wearing them! She has many shawls and is so excited to continue supporting Shawl Dawls!