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I’m sure by this point some of you are wondering, “What is Dawl Face?” well I’m here to answer that.

Dawl Face is a new line underneath Shawl Dawls. This line is going to be a limited revolving series so make sure to purchase the items while they’re still in stock and hot!


Dawl Face is a new line being introduced by Shawl Dawls as a limited revolving series. Each revolution of the series will be released with the fashion seasons – Autumn/Winter &Spring/Summer. These pieces are limited so make sure to purchase them while they’re still in stock and hot!

Here’s a closer look at the pieces we have up for this Fall/Winter season:
(click on the picture to be taken to that product page for ordering!)




Remember these pieces are only available for a limited time only! 

They are perfect for going out or staying in! Going to a nice dinner? Or having a night in with Netflix? These comfortable, easy to wear, stylish pieces are a great addition to any wardrobe! These colder months are upon us even in SoCal where the night does start to take it’s toll! So make sure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity to purchase these items while they’re still available! Have a great day, Dawls!