DawlHouse Picks – What are we planning for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is coming up and sometimes preparation for this day may get a bit overwhelming. There is no gift that is equivalent to the appreciation we have for the mothers in our life, but it is always nice to make our mothers feel extra special on this day. Here are a few things the DawlHouse is planning for Mother’s …

May’s Dawl of the Month: Valerie

Continuing to celebrate you, our Dawls!! For the month of May we have the wondrous Valerie as our ‘Dawl of the Month’ Valerie is an enthusiastic, energy filled, mother of 4 who knows what it means to be comfortably elegant. Take a peek into who Valerie is and the Dawl life she loves to live!

Three Must Have Vacation Essentials for Every Dawl!

Trust me Dawls, I know packing for a vacation can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you are getting ready for Spring Break with the family or preparing for a big summer trip, here are my three must have vacation essentials that I never leave home without!

April’s Dawl of the Month: ERIKA

As we head into the middle of the year we’d like to start celebrating YOU, the Dawls! For the month of April we have appointed Erika as our ‘Dawl of the Month’ Erika is a beautiful young woman who lives life to the fullest and makes sure to look stylish while owning the world she lives in!

Highlights of LA Fashion Week 2016

Embed from Getty Images LA Fashion Week has come and gone, and some are still abuzz with the designs that graced the runway. The event provides the chance for both established and aspiring designers to showcase their work. This mix promises audiences runway shows that are not only exciting but refreshing as well. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite designers from this year’s …

Hello Spring 2016! Shop Our New Arrivals

  Flowers are blooming, leaves are growing, and the temperature is slowly rising back up again. With winter finally coming to an end,  we wanted to introduce you to our new Spring 2016 line! We’ve focused on bringing you better colors and brilliant new fabrics. We can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The Best Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairings

Girl Scout Cookie season is possibly our favorite time of the year. Don’t tell us you’ve never dreamed about eating through a mountain of Thin Mints and Samoas before! This year we decided to ditch our usual cup of milk and instead paired our cookies with wine. You heard me right- girl scout cookies and glorious wine. Sound too good to be true? …

Three Oscar 2016 Red Carpet Dresses That We Fell In Love With

Embed from Getty Images After we finally stopped crying tears of happiness for Leonardo DiCaprio’s much anticipated win, we took a second look at the dresses that walked the red carpet. We saw gowns that made our eyes sparkle to some that made us wonder exactly what some of these celebrity stylists were thinking. In the end we narrowed it down to three Oscar …

How Adult Coloring Books Could Replace Your Weekly Yoga Class

Embed from Getty Images   Adult coloring books have skyrocketed in popularity in the past year and have made their way into every major retail store and bookshop. They come in a variety of themes and the designs within are far more detailed than any children’s coloring book. The pretty designs are not the only reason you should be picking one up during …