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ELLE’s trend guide for fall 2016 has confirmed that leopard is never truly out, and it is roaring back now! Apparently the print has made notable appearances on the fashion show of Alexander Wang, Coach, and Sonia Rykiel in the beginning of this year. In celebration, we are proud to announce that we also carry leopard prints in our fall/winter collection of fleece as well.


Not only did ELLE confirms the most powerful trend, but so did Vogue. For an instance, Dolce and Gabbana has always been a big fan of leopard prints. It has become their iconic symbol when it comes to recognizing them, and the patterns are usually in large uncut pieces to give it a more luxurious feeling, especially when styling with fine cut jewelry, genuine leather handbags, belts, and high heels.


The cool, youthful, and playful Moschino has extended their fashion-forward style onto leopard prints as well. Still, matching up with their iconic large chains of gold necklaces, black leather hats with their big logos on them, and the white over-sized tee as a mini dress, the leopard printed fur coat goes on top of all layers.


When it comes to the game of bold, Givenchy definitely will not lose. More of a deep and calm style just like the weather in winter, Givenchy makes the leopard print with a deeper color that tends to represent its secured position and heavy weight in the fashion industry that cannot be replaced or removed.


The devil wears Prada now wears leopard, too! As usual, Prada designs its apparel and outwear in the most detailing way possible, such as adding pockets, buttons, collars, and cuffs onto this heavy fur coat. Of course, the black and white leopard print is the key in the middle, where the center of attention is.


Surprisingly, the almost always conservative Bottega Veneta, who tends to play elegant and ladylike, has also taken this fashion challenge along with all other luxury designers. By stepping out of their comfort zone to take the lead, they succeed in making the class of leopard higher than ever.


Apparently, the neutral Calvin Klein has some elaboration on the latest trend. Instead of going towards the side of luxury and fashion forward, Calvin Klein has decided to keep up with their clean and neat style. Although adding the element of wildness, the overall look of the outfit remains plain and simple.


Finally, here are our two cheetah prints of our fall/winter collection of 2016. They come in black and white and brown, and both of them are fleece.

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