Dawl Face?

I’m sure by this point some of you are wondering, “What is Dawl Face?” well I’m here to answer that. Dawl Face is a new line underneath Shawl Dawls. This line is going to be a limited revolving series so make sure to purchase the items while they’re still in stock and hot!

July’s Dawl of the Month: Dessiree

Dessiree is a woman in her prime! Now that her kids are all grown up she has time to relax and play with the grandchildren. She loves wearing Shawl Dawls because as a grandmother of 8 and mother of 6 she keeps herself pretty busy among all the trips to Vegas with her husband, and going to get massages to …

Red White & Blue 4th of July Sale!

As we head into the celebration that is our Independence we remember the colors that stand proud on our U.S. flag and want you to be able to celebrate in style! This weekend we’ll be having a Red White & Blue (RWB) Sale! This allows perfect timing for you to receive the piece before Fourth of July so you can light …

Versatility! Styling tips on our Long Shawl!

Our Long Shawl is our Best Selling piece and by the far the most versatile piece we have! It’s the epitome of the Shawl Dawls message. Comfortability without compromising on style. We now have many new colors for you to choose from!

June’s Dawl of the Month: Bri

This next month’s Dawl of the Month is a lovely woman named Bri! Bri is passionate about supporting women to live on purpose and BE inspirational women in their lives – everyday.

May’s Dawl of the Month: Valerie

Continuing to celebrate you, our Dawls!! For the month of May we have the wondrous Valerie as our ‘Dawl of the Month’ Valerie is an enthusiastic, energy filled, mother of 4 who knows what it means to be comfortably elegant. Take a peek into who Valerie is and the Dawl life she loves to live!

April’s Dawl of the Month: ERIKA

As we head into the middle of the year we’d like to start celebrating YOU, the Dawls! For the month of April we have appointed Erika as our ‘Dawl of the Month’ Erika is a beautiful young woman who lives life to the fullest and makes sure to look stylish while owning the world she lives in!


Blazing Curves is dedicated to plus size fashion in Arizona. These dawls show us that the shawls are truly designed for women of all shapes and sizes.  The beautiful curvy women shown above are wearing (from left to right) the Short Knit Shawl, Long Shawl and Slitback Shawl.

Dawl of the Month: Jamie Nicole Kidd

Every month we love to pick a Dawl who loves to share their style on the web! This month, we are so happy to introduce you to Jamie Nicole Kidd! Jamie, a true Southern California girl, is one of a duo of handmade jewelry designers behind the brand Livré Bruné! Check out her awesome style below and for beautifully made …

Blogger Spotlight: FreeUrCloset

Blogger alert! We love Nensi and Natasha from FreeUrCloset, they are so stylish! Their blog is full of fun outfits ensembles and plenty of DIYs for all you fashion sewers! Shhh, but my personal favs are their MCM! Geez do they have good taste in men! Each one of their blogs has an engaging theme that we can all relate …