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As we head into the middle of the year we’d like to start celebrating YOU, the Dawls! For the month of April we have appointed Erika as our ‘Dawl of the Month’ Erika is a beautiful young woman who lives life to the fullest and makes sure to look stylish while owning the world she lives in!


Erika is a beautiful young woman who makes sure to live life the fullest & look great doing it!
Complimenting tones & a cohesive look are a must when she’s picking out her outfit for the day.
She’s found herself wearing Shawl Dawl shawls all the time, because of how versatile, comfy, and chic they are.
Erika loves wearing her Shawl Dawl pieces when she’s going out for a nice dinner with her friends and while she’s having a relaxing day at home. Erika really loves how the Shawl Dawl pieces make her feel. There’s an air of confidence that is gained from the comfortable feel and the elegant look that the Shawl provides!
“I love Shawl Dawls so much! The Cardi-Top is my favorite. It’s so comfortable and I can wear it everywhere. I literally wear one every day.” -Erika


*Square is pictured in Top Right
*Cardi-Top is pictured in Bottom Right