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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner- but of course how could we forget? With all the red and pink hearts decorating the aisles of our favorite stores it’s hard not to notice that the day of love is coming soon. Here are 4 ways to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day- because whether you’re in a relationship or not, everyone deserves to feel the love.

  1. Anything from Lush’s Valentine’s Day LineEmbrace yourself in the range of natural (and sometimes vegan!) products that Lush has to offer. From a range of bubble bars, bath bombs, and a massage bar covered in hearts, Lush has plenty of items that you can add to your pamper session this weekend. Our favorite would have to be the bath bomb “Lover’s Lamp” that bubbles and fills the bath with an array of mini hearts! You can see a short clip of the bath bomb in action here.
  2. A bottle of wine (or two?)Why not compliment your pamper session with a glass of your favorite wine? Either grab one of your favorites or indulge in a glass of sparkling rosé. If you really want to treat yourself buy a bottle of Bordeaux wine from none other than Bordeaux themselves. Bordeaux is a red wine that blends together Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petite Verdot. You can visit their website here to see a list of wines they offer as well as food and wine pairing they recommend you try!
  3. Your favorite dessertJust because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t exactly mean you have to have chocolate. What if you enjoy cookies or brownies instead? Are you a fan of cupcakes? Me too. Valentine’s Day is what you want it to be, so if you would rather buy a dozen cupcakes than a box of chocolate- you go ahead and do it! There are plenty of Valentine’s Day themed goodies out there in your local supermarkets- all you have to do is take your pick and forget about the calories.
  4. Your favorite ShawlOf course what Valentine’s Day would be complete without a little something from Shawl Dawls? By now you’ve heard that we’re gifting everyone with a free belt with any purchase they make. We decided to top that off by offering select Shawls for only $35! Have you been eyeing our Short Shawl in Ruby? How about our classic Long Shawl in a rich Magenta? Well now you can treat yourself with both!Hope all you Dawls enjoy your Valentine’s Day weekend. No matter if you spend it alone or with someone else, make it a special day!